David McEnery

The photographic art of David McEnery is irresistible and leaves one with a smile on the face. A "mise-en-scène" of images that mingle a sense of humour and elements of slapstick comedy.

Vanda Spinello

Impressed by Milan's lively art scene, Vanda Spinello first choose a career in painting. But then there was also the exciting new scene, where art and fashion started to mix, inspiring many artists and...

Arte Felguerez

Born in Zacatecas in 1928, already in the mid 50s Manuel Felguérez was considered one of Mexico's most important artists. He is the youngest artist ever to enter the country's prestigious Academia de Arte...

Edoardo Puglisi

It's been more than 40 years that Edoardo Puglisi started to make a name for himself in the international art scene. Born 1936 into a noble family of Catania (Sicily) he has known from an early age...

Marie-Claire Delamichelle 

Marie-Claire Delamichelle an Italian multi-media artist well known for her original intriguing work. She is very active in formal/informal contemporary art as well as being an inventive video maker...

Lionel Borla

Lionel Borla was born in 1974 and lived on the French Riviera until 1992. His Italian ancestors passed on to him the quest for beauty and harmony...

Sylvie Serre

Born in the Ardenne region (France) in 1952. Lives and works in Toulon.

Virginie Napo

Born in Nantes in 1967. Works and lives in Toulon. Affiliated with MDA Artiste Cotée - Art Price - children's book author and illustrator.

Catherine Ducreux

For Catherine Ducreux, chronology is of no help. Styles and subjects are not neatly divided into periods and phases. No linear evolution can be distinguished, no reasoned progression is apparent.